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  1. mycroft says:

    story of Yisrael Valis so closely

    Not that I am a frequent reader of the Israeli Hebrew Press-but I bought Fridays Yesiot Achronot and in its magazine supplement 7 Yamim there is an article about Yisrael Valis. On the merits of the case I am not an expert-but gut is not that much different from Rabbi Menken. I certainly wouldn’t be surprised either way.
    But I would like to comment about a couple of pictures:
    There is a picture of a demonstration by Chareidm in support of Mr. Valis-but one sign in English I will copy wo comment -THE ORTHODOX JEWRY DEMANDS INTERNATIONAL FORCES FOR PROTECTION FROM ‘ZIONIST OPPRESSION’
    The page before has a picture of Mr. Valis-covering his head and his wife along with what appears to be a frum Israeli policeman. In the same magazine a page before the article about Mr. Valis there is another picture with a frum Israeli policeman.
    What I am sure is that I don’t look at the State as an oppressive state towareds Jews-does anyone want to take their chances living under Hezbollah, Hamas Fatah, Iran, etc-that is Israel’s realistic choice besides the present state.

  2. Moshe says:

    Here’s the link to the thread about the article:

    Here is a link to the RAR archive of 5 jpegs with the article:

    If someone can extract them and post them for us to see, I’d greatly appreciate it.

  1. August 29, 2006

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