Schiller, Fartaytsht un Farbesert

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5 Responses

  1. dr. bill says:

    I am wondering if even teshuvah and YK are mechapair. 🙂
    Repeating a non-complimentary story about a Gadol, with noch mareh mekomot, Rachmanah nitzlan.
    Quoting the words of a rasha, without appending – ve’shem rishaim yirkav.
    Not warning those who turned off the sound about images of women.
    Showing the image of a woman wearing a yarmulkah; definitely a safek OO.

    • lacosta says:

      who are you calling a rasha? korach? heschel? both?

      [YA – Beethoven]

      • mb says:

        Steady on, R.Adlerstein.Beethoven was deaf.Therefore exempt, perhaps?

        [YA – He wasn’t deaf his entire life. He was OK when he listened only to Modzhitz Favorites. Once he started listening to the goyish stuff (some say, including Lipa), his hearing went the way of Yitzchok Avinu’s sight.]

  2. Bob Miller says:

    The actual Schiller poetry in Ode to Joy, in German, also contains pagan-mythological elements. I’d consider these to make singing it problematic for Torah Jews.

    • dr. bill says:

      You raise a seriously relevant sheailah. If the original references are not understood or even suspected by most members of a particular society, there are a variety of innovative, lenient views. As it is often said, the good Rabbi has al mi lismokh. In any case, he does not need yet another reason to repent. 🙂

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