The Psychotic Stabber

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3 Responses

  1. Steve Brizel says:

    As I and others predicted, columnists such as the columnist quoted have no tolerance for the Torah’s description of homosexuality as a Toevah, and demand complete acceptance of their “lifestyle.”

  2. Yehonatan Alibert says:

    In the article you linked, there is no mention of Schlissel having been in hospital for psychotic issues, just that the court is sending him for a psychological evaluation. So could you tell us what is the source of you quote, please.
    Also how do you understand the support he received from members of the ultra Orthodox community in Meah Shearim (posters). Thank you for answering

    [See … it is amazing that his diagnosis is barely being covered in the haste to cast him as a “charedi killer.” Anonymous pashkevils hardly qualify as “support.” They are an early version of anonymous blog comments, with all the same level of authority. Trolls abound. –YM]

  3. Bob Miller says:

    Let’s see how ready the Left is to own up to the many crimes by its people. Evidence from the Soviet era suggests that Leftists ignore or explain away even large-scale murder from their side.

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