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Arafat is Dead

R’ Avi Shafran, Agudah’s director of public affairs, forwarded the following comments: Jews don’t dance in the streets and fire weapons in celebration when their enemies die, but it would be disingenuous to say...

Euthanasia no, Suicide yes?

The Muslim Sheik dispatched to Arafat’s side was quoted on al-Jazeera saying that euthanasia is forbidden under Islamic law. Too bad Arafat’s in a coma, otherwise he could blow himself up, since as we...

This is amazing

I just stumbled across Uri Zohar’s new web site. Uri Zohar was an Israeli movie star, both as an actor and director, before he became religious. He’s now on a campaign to save children...


This is the new beginning… a blog that will deliver to the Jewish world the same level of insightful, intelligent, and fun commentary that the best political blogs have brought. In other words,

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