Two Sifrei Torah Stolen in Westwood

Two Sifrei Torah and a Paroches were stolen from a synagogue in Westwood, CA on Monday night:

Two Sefardi Sefer Torah in wooden boxes with the Rimonim. The boxes are white background with pictures on them and a veneer finish. Both of the Torahs had one of the Rimonim holder broken . The Parchment itself one was a regular one and the other was written on deer skin and it looks brown and antique.

The Parochet was dark pink color made out of velvet with embroidery of the 12 Shevatim’s names and picture that reflects the Shevet. They were 2 Parochet, the kind that opens up from the middle so six on each side. They were about 5 feet wide and 6 and half feet long.

Obviously the thieves will not be keeping them, so any sofrim and shuls should please be on the lookout.

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1 Response

  1. MP says:

    I hope the authorities (and others) are monitoring auction sites.
    Not to cast aspersions on this particular auction (I’m specifying it
    solely as an example of similar items which are regularly put up for
    sale on venues like eBay), but one wonders how to vet items like

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