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L’affaire Slifkin

Many, many people in the blogosphere have challenged Cross-currents to comment on the letter of the Roshei Yeshiva, shlit”a, regarding Nosson Slifkin’s books. The challenge, in my opinion, is inappropriate. Cross-currents, at least in...


Getting it Straight

Shawn Landres wrote in to criticize the piece about media silence in the face of certain Muslim countries’ rejection of Jewish/Israeli aid for tsunami victims. I thought he missed the point, so didn’t post...


Today, A Random Act of Kindness

PLEASE DAVEN FOR ESTHER MALKA BAS SARAH I’m at the Emergency Room. I look around. Everyone should come here, I think, to remember how insignificant the imperatives of life can become in the blink...


Nanny Nanny Kishkes

A reader writes: I always find it somewhat hypocritical when Chareidi apologists’talk critically about the “nanny state” when so much Cholov Yisroel milk is paid for with WIC… Silly ad hominem swipe. When and...


Irate, But Essentially Accurate, No?

Lost in the flare-up over precisely what the Catholic paper wrote or meant to write, is the deafening silence everywhere else: J’ACCUSE..! source: subscriber/commentator Mike Levine =============================================================== I, Mike Levine, citizen of Israel...


Nanny State

A couple of us mixed it up a while back on the issue of intrusive government. The following is a link to a clever illustration of the confluence of commercial database and information mining...


Faux Change?

When I took high school biology, the English Peppered Moth, Biston betularia, was offered as an example of evolution in action via natural selection. Ordinarily these moths are light and mottled, and almost invisible...


Change ‘R Us

Frustrated raconteurs like myself eagerly seize opportunities to tell a treasured story. I am, therefore, much indebted to Shawn Landres for his comments to Toby Katz’s post. They have given me all the excuse...


Has Orthodoxy changed?

One of the most ubiquitous canards used against the Orthodox is that we are petrified and don’t change, or that we are petrified of change. For a change, though, we are now being accused...

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