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The Modern Orthodox Straw Man

By Avrohom Gordimer There are times when one must take a firm stand and stake out a principled position, or deal with what may be the nightmarish consequences of not standing strong. And there...


Response To “A Next Step”

Chevra – Let’s try to address your concerns serially. The phenomenal growth of the Orthodox community hardly touches the issue of the korbanos we lost to the heterodox movements. While Orthodoxy grew, that growth...


Is There a Way to Deal with Gay Rights?

The Times Book Review of this past Sunday has a terrific piece by Fareed Zakaria on George F. Kennan’s diaries.  In 1994, when Kennan was ninety, he noted America’s “pathological preoccupation with sex and...


Annulling a Marriage – An Overview

By Rabbi Yair Hoffman for 5tjt.com  Poor moral choices can be made by people of either gender, especially when it comes to behaviors involving divorce.  Divorces can bring out the worst in people, and...


In Pursuit of Wisdom

by Yaakov Rosenblatt A couple of weeks ago, while visiting family in New Jersey, I picked up a copy of The Lakewood Voice (Dec 25), a hand-out magazine comprised of news and advertisements. The...

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