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A Safer Place for Women… Redux

An October 17 article of mine at Tablet concerned the #MeToo movement.  It bemoaned the state of general society’s attitude toward women and suggested that it might be helpful if new norms based on...

The Torah’s Not a Tool

Justice Brett Kavanaugh is well into his service to the country as a member of its highest court, and the controversy that swirled around him as a nominee for the position is, at least...

A Safer Space for Women

A piece I wrote for Tablet about the #MeToo movement and Judaism’s attitude toward interactions between the sexes can be read here.


Open Orthodoxy Update, Parshas Lech Lecha

Open Orthodoxy’s Orthodoxy is expressed by attacking our liturgy as sexist, praising Chilul Yom Tov, placing social justice before Halacha and even speaking at an idol installation’s “knowledge festival.”

What’s Not Necessarily in a Name

Unless you happen to live in California’s 50th Congressional district, which encompasses parts of San Diego County and Riverside County in the south of the state, you won’t have to choose between incumbent Republican...

Three Recent Articles

Here are three recent articles, which may be of interest: Rabbi Leiter: The Facts Speak for Themselves Unraveling the Mystery of the Ma’aravis Yorkers – But Are They Kosher?  (The original print version is...

Where’s the Slide?

I pass the large lady twice each workday, and no longer pay her much mind, unlike the tourists on the Staten Island ferry sailing with me, who have journeyed hundreds or thousands of miles...


Moving to “the Right”

The recent Hamodia article about young people who grew up as Modern Orthodox (or, to be more precise, who grew up primarily as “MO Lite”) is very worthwhile reading. It should compel Modern Orthodox...

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