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Moving Commentary 6

Yesterday, 14 Shevat was the yahrzeit of R Aryeh Kaplan z”l, one of the most important teachers of Torah in the 20th century, and a huge influence on my early life. I would not...


Moving Commentary 5: Berlin

From Israel, a different chunk of the globe falls within easy travel range to the former American. Should someone have a reason or predisposition to visit Europe, frequent and cheap flights make many cities...

Hazards, Hazards Everywhere

My first earthquake was, as you might imagine, unsettling. I was part of a yeshivah in Northern California in the 1970s, and my wife and I spent our first five years of marriage there,...


Teaching Children How To Think

Then there is the one about the Russian ticket collector who accosts a Jew in one of the train cars. “What makes Jews so smart?” “Herring,” responds the Jew. “How much do you want...

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