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AOC’s Unconcern With Jewish Lives

Representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez offered an apology last Friday, but it was the wrong one. She had decided at the last minute to vote “present” instead of “no” on a resolution to provide  $1 billion...

Two Articles

A piece I wrote for Religion News Service about Orthodox efforts to help beleaguered people around the world was picked up by the Washington Post, and can be read here or here. And my...

NYDN — Antisemitism on the loose

Anti-Semitism on the loose By AVI SHAFRAN NEW YORK DAILY NEWS | AUG 26, 2021 A very old, very wry, very pointed Jewish joke: Goldberg is in the waiting area of a European airport holding the...

Cowardice or Wisdom?

That any sane person could castigate Israel for her response last month to Hamas missiles is astounding. Hamas, after all, has sent booby-trapped party balloons across the border into Israeli towns in an effort...

Chagrined by AOC’s Reaction

I have defended Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez on a number of occasions in several public venues.  But I was chagrined by her reaction to the recent Hamas/Israel war, and express why here.

Hasidim, yeshivas and truth

Hasidim, yeshivas and the truth By AVI SHAFRAN NEW YORK DAILY NEWS |- Opinion MAY 02, 2021 AT 5:00 AM There’s been a full-court press of late against Hasidic education in New York by...


An article I wrote for Forward about how chareidi Jews are vilified by some for simply exercising their democratic right to vote appears here.

NBC-Think about the Equality Act

A column  I wrote for NBC-Think about the Equality Act, a piece of legislation that could have dire consequences for religious institutions, can be read here.  

Lazer in Space

It takes an impressive degree of repugnancy for a Republican lawmaker to evoke condemnation from Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell. Enter newly elected Representative Marjorie Taylor Greene of Georgia. She earned that dishonor by...

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