When Jews Target Jews

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6 Responses

  1. Steve Brizel says:

    If the President had merely stated that the social political and economic returns on all of the millions of dollars that have been poured into the Third World have been decidedly negative, he would probably have been criticized as well.

  2. Bob Miller says:

    Orthodoxy is Judaism Classic, not just another hue in the diversity rainbow. Jews should be Orthodox and not just tolerate the Orthodox.

  3. Ralph Suiskind says:

    There is a natural tendency for Orthodox Jews to be on the defensive. They take their religious commitment very seriously which others fellow Jew & Non-Jews do not There has been and continues to be a legitimate concern whether or not we will survive this open galus. Only those of us who have a strong commitment and self confidence observant Jew can muster the energy to confront the outside world including fellow Jews with confidence Observance Jews have always been the target of alienated Jews for obvious reasons stemming from self interests. A fully observant Jew who conduct himself as a Jew even in an alien business environment with honesty and integrity has always been received well. Ant-Semitic tendency by the preponderance of world would not exist , if we would all conduct our lives as fully observant without compromise.

  4. Mycroft says:

    IN the past sixty years there has been a great improvement in the lives of Developing countries .inhabitants. Thus from 1970 to present undernourishment has decreased from 35 percent to roughly 15 percent of the population. Famine deaths have decreased from about 600 per 10000 per year to close to zero since about 1960. Ethiopia has had maternal mortality decrease in the past quarter century from 1.25% to someplace about .4% child mortality rates death before 5 in the past forty years in Ethiopia have decreased from about 25% to about 5%
    There certainly have been some very positive results from pouring money into the third world. I am not arguing utilitarian theory but if one assumes that principle the money in total has had a very positive return.

    • Steve Brizel says:

      There are numerous books and studies that demonstrate that many third world countries remain one man dictatorships and kleptocracies that are economic basket cases despite receiving millions of dollars of foreign aid.

  5. Bob Miller says:

    For some unknown reason, many people want to leave their backward countries to come to the US. They should all be able to apply for legal citizenship (before they move!) and the US should let in those who will most benefit the US. But, of course, benefit as a criterion for admission is anathema to Democrats, except for benefit to their party. They want unskilled new voters beholden to them.

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