Arguing About Not Arguing

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  1. Heshy Bulman says:

    There is one salient point that has not been made clearly enough – Both major political parties have evolved over time. While it is true that for the first two thirds of the last century, Jews of all stripes saw the Democrats as those who would best facilitate their integration into American society, as well as those who represented the finest ideals of a Malchus Shel Chessed, it is also true that in the last third of the Century – and continuing unabated – it has been UNQUESTIONABLY the Democrats who have been in the forefront of the secularization of America, with the inevitable moral corruption inherent therein. Our Chachamim tell us that the corruption of Chessed is Znus. On every single moral issue referred to here, it has been Democrats leading the charge. Conversely, if there is any sense of G-d’s presence left in the daily discourse of the political leadership of the country, it resides in the Republican party. Agreed that we Jews must always remain apart and cannot unreservedly support either Party, with which should our sympathies lie in our woefully confused world?

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