Jewish students must realize that SJP is about hate — only hate

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4 Responses

  1. Steve brizel says:

    The recently passed resolution at the UN Security Council which has the odor of both a Nuremberg rally during the 1930s and that of assurances of “peace in our time” makes me wonder:

    1)where are those who used to be found chained to the gates of the White House and at the Isaiah Wall?

    2) where are those who are concerned about racism and the presence of a Confederate flag in the flagship MO institution?

    The answer is missing in action

    We should be planning a march on Washington on an administration who ignores the problems facing the rest of the world and who earned a standing ovation from the Security Council for deserting the committment of the US to the state of Israel the only democracy in the middle East

    Some day we will all have to ask ourselves why we stood by and failed to stand up to an administration that sold Israel out to gain the approval of the UN

    • dr.bill says:

      mah inyan shemittah etzel har sinai?  confederate flag??

      what would public protests accomplish?  let the Conference of major Jewish organizations lead the way.  those who chained themselves against the advice of many gained freedom for over a million Jews from the former soviet union.

      there is significant debate in non left-wing Israeli circles about the wisdom of various forms of reaction.  perhaps shev v’al taaaseh is the appropriate response.

      i do not know what we should do and i continue to question those who claim a crystal ball.

      • Steve brizel says:

        Those who are worried about the presence of  Confederate flag are noticeably reticent about the events at the UN and Kerry’s statements. We should be marching on Washington and rallying outside the UN and saying Tehilim. I am not sure that a shev al taaseh approach works when the UN and the current administration have given a seal of approval to the sentiments underlying BDS

  2. Steve Brizel says:

    If you are considering Columbia and are impressed by the vitality  Jewish life on campus, please read the annexed article and link. Why would you walk into a collapsing building with signs of an immense collapse all around you?

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