Am I a Lonely Woman of Faith?

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6 Responses

  1. Bob Miller says:

    It’s not necessary for all genuine Jewish spiritual advisors or content experts who aren’t poskim or rebbeim to be professionally certified as clergy.   After all, parents don’t need someone’s stamp of approval to bring up and teach their kids.

    Meanwhile, various adherents of the secular political religions (some well-disguised as something else) continue as always to attack the halachic thought and action that characterize our religion, Judaism. They will only accept total surrender.

    • Mycroft says:

      If women can’t be clergy don’t advocate that they take tax advantages limited by law to clergy.

  2. tzippi says:

    For some people, it will never be enough until there is absolute parity.

    I have often quoted Warren Kozak, author of The Rabbi of 84th Street, the biography of Rabbi Yechezkel Besser. He said that having been embedded in the Orthodox community while writing this book, he did not see oppressed women but rather that the women he saw were funny, smart, and running the show. He bemoaned the fact that too many of his non-Orthodox friends didn’t reach out, or take hands that were reached out to them, to see this for themselves.

    I don’t know if he still stands behind this after all these years but I certainly hope so.

    • Steve Brizel says:

      The above article is excellent and deserves the widest possible circulation. The bottom line remains that the LW of MO is a noisy minority that grabs the attention of the secular Jewish media which acts as its collective flack and press agent.

      R Besser ZL was 100% on the mark. Noone should be surprised that when women plan a Sheva Brachos or similar such event, the same is planned and executed in a flawless manner with no display of ego which tends to get in the way when men organize and run communal events.

  3. Mycroft says:

    One can’t predict the future, in Israel there are women serving as Rabbanit, essentially assistant Rabbis in schuls of observant Jews who learn go to shiurim etc. I personally don’t advocate it, but other than name what is the issue in title, it is the functions which may not be open to women. How does it change things if a yoetzet Halacha goes by a different title while doing the same function.

    • Steve Brizel says:

      A yoetzet is not and should not be regarded as a posek or rav. What some LW DL and MO shuls in Israel is a breach of that critical distinction

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