Useful Tool to Combat the Iran Deal

So many people we know simply have lost the capacity to get involved in complexity and sustained argument. But they, too, can play a role in our community’s effort to beat back this existential threat to the West, and to Israel. Dennis Prager has done a great job adapting to the new realities of public advocacy. Here is his contribution to the effort, which is as good as it gets in five minutes. It is worth sharing with others, especially the vast numbers sitting on the fence simply because they are unacquainted with the issues.

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3 Responses

  1. YEA says:

    Unfortunately, the response of the True Torah Jews organization to the Iran deal was to pay Ron Kuby to read this ad: and to write “Special thanks to Ron Kuby for recording our message; his good intention to give legitimacy to our important cause is well appreciated.”

    Ron Kuby is probably Number 1 on the list of Jews Who are as Far Away As Possible from Torah. Ron Kuby hates all religions, including Judaism, and he has repeatedly made it very clear that he thinks that belief in God is idiotic. But hey, he hates Israel, so it’s all good.

    [YA – For the curious, True Torah Jews (sic) is the website of Neturei Karta sympathizers. Why would we expect anything different from them. May they have a refuah shelemah bekarov]

  2. Bob Miller says:

    The Senate should declare the deal a treaty and reject it by a simple majority as they can legally do. Forget this Corker abomination which is only for show. But the Senate is still ruled by the likes of Mitch McConnell, who is against effective action in general as if he’s been bought and paid for..

  3. Raymond says:

    This is vintage Dennis Prager, serving as a superb example as to why I have been such a strong follower of his worldview for three decades now. I wish that every Jew who is proud to be Jewish, would watch it as well. I wonder if there is a way that we can get every single Congressman, especially the Democrats, to watch this as well. The positive consequences of that happening, may be enormous.

    [YA – CC wasn’t advocating anything other than considering the advantage to young future leaders of being exposed to great minds and new material. As it turns out, presenters and participants were given doses of liberal thought as well, especially by the Torah presenters! And the secular ones never even touched partisan politics. They were far more interested in the differences between Descartes, Burke, Jefferson, and Tocqueville. If you don’t get the drift, try a Tikvah seminar….]

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