Eyal, Gilad, and Naftali in 140 Chars

Sometimes it really can be expressed in a single comment to Twitter — in this case, by Rabbi Steven Burg, Eastern Director of the Wiesenthal Center:

Rav Chaim Kanievsky shlit”a is said to have remarked that the three boys got a tremendous zechus, merit, because of all the hisorerus and chizuk that happened — throughout all of Klal Yisrael. May the achdus, the unity, stay with us.

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2 Responses

  1. joel rich says:

    Rabbi Dr. Walter S. Wurzberger, a prominent disciple of the Rav, writes, “The Rav employs this distinction in discussing the problem of evil. He maintains that it is senseless to raise the metaphysical question of why there is evil in the world. The human mind is simply not equipped to tackle this problem. To engage in theodicy is an exercise in futility. Instead of looking for an explanation of our fate—for example, why a particular evil has struck us—we should ask ourselves how we can respond to evil in a manner that will enable us to emerge from this experience as better moral and spiritual beings.”

    May we hear glad tidings
    Joel Rich

  2. Reb Yid says:

    All of us, indeed.

    In my community, all of the congregations and their rabbis (four Jewish denominations represented) are assembling tonight for a memorial service.

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