Obama Tilts Towards Europe

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7 Responses

  1. Bob Miller says:

    It’s interesting to see the anti-colonialist President making common cause with these guys. Maybe it’s not that he likes them more, but that he likes Israel less.

  2. Steve Brizel says:

    Take a look at the President’s speeches , the first of which was written in a manner to avoid Israeli input, and his speech to AIPAC. I can’t recall a more tepid and lukewarm statement of the uniqueness of the American-Israeli relationship. It is no small wonder that prominent Democrats rejected major elements of the speech, and that PM Netanyahu’s speech before Congress was welcomed as a necessary restatement of the uniqueness of both the US and Israel-two factors that the President studiously avoids in his public comments.

  3. Ori says:

    I suspect that Obama and most Europeans see the west bank as a new Sudetenland. The Sudetenland were primarily populated by ethnic Germans, who were part of a larger German-dominated country (Austro-Hungaria) until they lost a war (WWI). The Germans were discriminated against. Czechoslovakia got the Sudetenland after WWI mostly for strategic considerations. There were perfectly legitimate reasons to let Germany take the Sudetenland. Still, as a diplomatic solution to ensure peace it failed miserably.

  4. YM says:

    My take is that President Obama has adopted the European and Arab interpretation of resolution 242 as opposed to the traditional American interpretation of the same. Jonathan, I would still like to know what you think Israel should do about it? In Tom Friedman’s column the other day, he urged Israel to use its remaining leverage to obtain NATO and even EU membership as a price for withdrawl from the WB. Do you think it would be possible for Israel to obtain these? Would NATO membership be a security counterbalance to withdrawl from the Jordanian border areas?

  5. Bob Miller says:

    There were never legitimate reasons to give the Nazis any land. Their aggressive tendencies were already in evidence; why else would the deluded Chamberlain throw them a bone?

  6. Ori says:

    Bob Miller, thank you – this is pretty much the point I’m trying to make. Everything I wrote in my comment above is true. Every argument that is used to make Israel give up the West Bank could have been used (and probably was) to make Czechoslovakia give up the Sudetenland. And it didn’t work.

  7. Miles A. Brumberg, D.O. says:

    Its high time that American Jews get over their love affair with the Democrat Party and especially that part of it represented by Barack Hussein Obama. The more support he gets from American Jews and Jewish-American organizations the more the Palestinians ramp up their protests against the State of Israel. How do you think he was able to slap the face of Prime Minister Netanyahu with his one sided remark concerning the pre – 6 Day War boundaries of the State of Israel. Because the Jews who are among his supporters basically believe the same thing; that Israeli recalcitance is the stumbling block to peace in the Middle East and that the territorial claims of the so-called Palestinians trumps any and all claims by Israelis to land in what was once the British Mandate over the Promised Land. Its time to recognize that the wheels are falling off America in more ways that one with this man in the driver’s seat. Barack Hussein Obama must be abandoned by Jewish Americans. The American led desertion of the State of Israel at this pivotal moment in its history must be halted in its tracks.

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