A Visit, A Memory and A Wish

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3 Responses

  1. Shades of Gray says:

    I basically agree with Rabbi Shafran, and would in a way, go even further. Ner Israel is a particularly good example to show a non-Jewish reporter, with it’s large, college-like campus and other diverse aspects(besides it being Rabbi Shafran’s alma mater). Even when I am in a prosaic and perfectly ordinary Brooklyn Beis Midrash, however, I enjoy observing young Bnei Torah– be they Chasidish or Litvish– who are happy and enthusiastic in their learning; I suppose it reminds me of when I, too, was that age, and probably less jaded about community and life 🙂

    A Canadian journalist once said at a journalist convention that although an advocacy journalist can rightfully have a cause and perspective, however, “a good journalist must play devil’s advocate; you must argue against your own convictions”. As one example of a lack of this two-sided discussion, I read an article published four years ago in a secular Jewish magazine where an author was responding to a critique of her conclusions about problems in the Chasidic community. While one might argue based on her research, that she added aspects to the discussion not discussed elsewhere, she did not include any in-depth, intellectual counter-points that would be offered by a religious educator or mental-health professional possessing a favorable view towards the Chasidic community(though the piece did have a few favorable sentences such as “there is no doubt that the vast majority of Orthodox Jews are caring and responsible individuals”).

    This week, Gary Rosenblatt of the Jewish Week, reflected on ten years since an abuse scandal hit the modern-Orthodox community, in what I thought was basically a positive and even hopeful discussion of a community problem. In connection with the subject, he quotes Steven Bayme of the American Jewish Committee, that “when you allow the pathologies to be the focus…you miss the forest for the trees”, which is Rabbi Shafran’s point as well at the end of this article.

  2. aron feldman says:

    Did you attend the Fri night tish of R”Yaakov Eisgrau? It is a must for any visitor! Did you attend any shiurim or shmozen from R”Aron Feldman? (no relation) each one is a masterpiece

  3. Gershon Josephs says:

    “And it pains me when media tend to focus on aberrations within the haredi community – real, magnified or fictitious”

    Unfortunately, the way things are going in the Chareidi world, Ner Israel is going to be the aberration soon enough, if it isn’t already.

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