Above All — Don’t Make a Chilul Hashem

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  1. ZB says:

    Gutsy and courageous article by R’ Rosenbloom. The question now remains is there a correlation between the lack of secular education (and therefore a prosperous middle class), and the ability for our institutions to not have to rely on sketchy sources of funding?

  2. L. Oberstein says:

    I am amazed by the laxity in “dina d’malchusa dina” that seems di reguer in some mosdos. I think the sincere teshuva of the Spinka Rebbe should set a standard for others who have been “moreh heter”. Rabbi Sherer and his lifetime partner in Klal work Rabbi Herman Neuberger never allowed a whiff of fraud, nothing remotely illegal in the operation of their respective institutions. Many times, people have tried to finagle, to find an easy way e.g. to offer a large donation in exchange for a degree that was not earned.Some rich man wants his son in law to go for a Master’s Degree so he tries to influence the yeshiva to accept 4years of transfer credit from elsewhere and write a transcript as if he actually learned in the yeshiva. I remember Rabbi Neuberger literally throwing out one of the wealthiest Jews from New York who tried that on him. He said to the rabbi “It will be good for you, good for the yeshiva and good for me.” Rabbi Neuberger told him “We are not for sale.” The man repeated this to his friends at a wedding that night and they told him “we told you it wouldn’t work in Baltimore”.

  3. Nathan says:

    Maybe we are not careful enough to avoid Chillul HaShem because we do not think about HaShem enough.

    For example, this statement made in 1999 by Rabbi Dr. Dovid Gottleib:

    “One Baal Teshuvah who came to Torah observance after experiencing another religion observed that while he heard a great deal in Torah circles about: values, philosophy, law, family, spirituality, growth, history, beauty, etc, G_d was rarely mentioned.”

    This quote is from the Foreword by Rabbi Dr. Dovid Gottleib on page 14 of Inner Peace by Rabbi Yisroel Roll, 1999, Targum Press, Michigan, ISBN 1568711891.

    In another case that happened in the past ten years, a giyoret claimed to have learned much from Orthodox Judaism, but went back to Christianity because she felt that there was not enough emphasis on G_d.

  4. S haber says:

    It is time for us to stop concentrating on Chilul Hashem. Nobody plans on getting caught and plans to make a Chilul Hashem.

    Geneiva (stealing), Gilui Arayos(immorality), and Ona’as Devarim (abuse) are forbidden under all circumstances.

  5. Jewish Observer says:

    ” … the sincere teshuva of the Spinka Rebbe …”

    – if you say we can make the judgment that somoeone’s teshuvah is sincere, then by definition can determine that someone’s teshuvah is not sincere. If you examine the facts, you may want to stay away from this assertion.

  6. YM says:

    Congratulations on the book. I finished it yestereday and enjoyed it – its like a mussar sefer, especially for someone who works in the secular world.

  7. another Nathan says:

    Is it a Chilul Hashem when you do something wrong, or only when you get caught? Is the teshuva one does after getting caught sincere, or simply pragmatic? Because a person with yiras Hashem knows that he’s “caught” immediately: “Reflect on three things and you will never come to sin: Know what is above you –a seeing eye, a hearing ear, and all your deeds are recorded in a book” (Avot 2:1)

  8. HZ says:

    Rabbi Sherer had access to the Gedolim and they trusted and respected his judgment. I wonder how many of the recent misstatements could have been avoided had Rabbi Sherer been there to advise them of the facts and the repercussions of their pronouncements.

  9. Jewish Observer says:

    “how many of the recent misstatements could have been avoided had Rabbi Sherer been there to advise them of the facts and the repercussions of their pronouncements”

    – Agree that RMS’s involvement very likely would have made a difference, Thing is, why should intelligent rabbonim need expert-advice on stuff that poshuter yiden evidently know (or there wouldn’t be a tumult in the first place).

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