Author: Yair Hoffman


A Response to Rabbi Slifkin

Last week, I penned an article articulating why there was a gathering in Manhattan of 50,000 Torah observant Jews who do not wish to see Yeshiva students forcibly drafted into the army.  The gathering...


On Cancer, Satmar, and Make Up

By Rabbi Yair Hoffman for Recently, Yeshiva World News reported that one of the Rebbes of Satmar has been reporting an increase in cancer in his community rachmana litzlan.  While no one can...


Kerry, Halachic Israel, and Safety

  By Rabbi Yair Hoffman for In the past few months, U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry has occupied entire floors of hotels in Jerusalem.  In early March, Mr Kerry is expected to...


Stopping the Madness

By Rabbi Yair Hoffman for Let’s picture the true story of a wonderful Bais Yaakov girl in high school.  She has friends, she loves her Torah classes.  She does well in Limudei Chol....


Moonlighting in Halacha

for This past week a terrible tragedy occurred in Scotland regarding a medical doctor.  It seems a doctor who was moonlighting did not inform his hospital that he was working another job.  On...


Annulling a Marriage – An Overview

By Rabbi Yair Hoffman for  Poor moral choices can be made by people of either gender, especially when it comes to behaviors involving divorce.  Divorces can bring out the worst in people, and...

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