Aren’t They Precious?

Little Palestinian boys at play… learning how to aim (at American tourists). From LGF courtesy of Dan Riehl.

Palestinian Boys Take Aim

A Palestinian boy holds a toy gun and wears a mask while pretending to shoot at U.S. tourists on a street in Jerusalem’s old town August 18, 2006. REUTERS/Finbarr O’Reilly

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4 Responses

  1. tzvee says:

    Aside from make a smart comment, what do you propose we do about this? As it stands you are simply trying to stir up moral indignance at best and trying to promote xenophobia at worst. How do we get these literal captive children freed from their evil captors?

  2. Moshe says:


    Did you read the caption on the picture? This was in Jerusalem.

    Have you been to the Old City lately? The arabs are *not* captives in the Old City. Go there – visit them. The arabs are free to go where they want, to hit on Jewish girls, and even to convince the girls to move in with them.

    Yesterday evening, while waking home, I saw a girl running away from an arab youth screaming. He chased her, and dragged her back to where they were. I immediately called the police, and they came to the scene. They interrogated them, and asked me to come by to identify them.

    The young man was an arab resident of Jerusalem – the girl was a Jewish girl from Dimona who moved into the house of the arab youth and was living with him. They categorically denied what I saw, and claimed that their relationship was consensual. Obviously, there was nothing the police could do, even though they had suspicions, based upon the testimony I gave.

    Tzvee – that’s what you call ‘captive children’?

    Shame on you for not thinking or truly looking at the facts before shooting off your mouth.

  3. HILLEL says:

    Children’s games are a window into their souls. Through these games, we see what are their aspirations, what are their ideals, who are their heroes.

    These children are warning us that, if we do not do TeShuva and return to Hashem immediately, we will have to face the wrath of G-D.

    The Arab women are reminding us that our women need to dress with TzeNius, and we need not care what others in the gentile world thing.

    The Arab men remind of of the need for absolute EmuNah and Mesiras Nefesh for HaShem.

    HaShem is using the Arabs to give us a wake-up call that we cannot ignore. If we try to ignore it, the wake-up calls will get progressively louder and more strident.

  4. jelly says:


    I may be wrong but I think that you TOTALY misread Tzvee’s comment. Read it again, and try to figure out who (in Tzvee’s eyes) is holding these children captive. If I am right then you owe Tzvee an appology.

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