Some thoughts on visiting the U.S. Holocaust Museum

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4 Responses

  1. mycroft says:

    “There was no parallel to my experience going through Yad Vashem on Tisha B’Av years back with a group of American Jewish teenagers busy discussing the previous night’s social activities”

    Obviously unfortunately a vast majority of American Jews sadly feel nothing about Tisha Bav-but how does that fir t in with the obvious attempt to knock subtly Yad Vawshem which is part of the Zionistic enterprise. Frankly ending the current tour with a beautiful view of New Jerusalem and hills of Judea is something that I did not like I was at the new Yad Vashem less than a couple of months ago and frankly I felt more moved in the old one.

    “These photographs provide powerful testimony of the richness of Jewish life
    snuffed out by the Nazis”

    A rich Jewish life was snuffed out by the Nazis-but it is enough to say millions of Jewish lives were snuffed out by the Nazis. One should not romanticize the ratio of ‘frum’ Jews in pre WWII Europe. For example, I believe there were more Bundist members of the Polish than Agudah members in pre WWII Poland. Not the fragment that appears.

    “Similarly, neither museum describes the heroic rescue efforts by Orthodox Jews in Europe, such as Rabbi Michoel Ber Weismandl (who is pictured at Yad Vashem), Recha and Isaac Sternbuch, Yaakov Griffel, and George Mantello”

    There were rescue efforts by religious Jews and rescue efforts by non religious Jews. There were mistakes made by Jews in attemprting to rescue other Jews. Priorities in hindsight can easily be questioned. Most if not all of us reading this were not in a position of power in WWII.

    al dan chavercha ad shetagia…

  2. Yoel Ben-Avraham says:

    I know a similar quote to that from George Santayana. It is attributed to the Baal Shem Tov:
    “Sod haGalur Schichicha, Sod haGeula, Zecirah” – The secret of exile is forgetting, the secret of redemption is remembering.

    I have now added the US Holocaust Museum to my list of Must-Visit next time I’m there, thanks to your post!

    Yoel Ben-Avraham
    Shilo, Benyaminm Israel

  3. 4jkb4ia says:

    Because a theme of the holiday is, after all, achdus, happy Purim to everyone at Cross-Currents.

  4. Shragie says:

    As usual Rabbi Eisemann has the most poignant of insights of life. However, the next generation who will most likely never meet any survivors will need something so as to have some grasp of the enormity of the Shoah. Museums and the like will need to serve this purpose.

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