Sore point.

we still see, on a frequent basis, people such as Rabbi Boxman claiming that the �ultra-Orthodox� view non-Orthodox as �goyim�

This is one of my pet peeves. I have really good friends who have known me for years who can’t get past the canard that Ortho Jews don’t consider them Jewish. They heard it consistently growing up – it’s like one of the principles of their faith – and it’s a complete and disgraceful invention of the reform rabbinate.

I’ve come to think of it as the bloodless blood libel. Christians used to accuse the Jews (apparently, Muslims still do) of stealing their bodies; Reform accuse Orthos of stealing their souls. In the meantime, I’ve never met an Orthodox Jew who believes that being Reform makes someone less of a Jew. Period.

I’ve been an attendee at Ortho shuls my entire life and I have never – not once – heard a rov use his pulpit to attack any other group of Jews. I have friends who go once or twice a year (High Holidays) to reform temples who report like clockwork that their rabbis use the rare opportunity they have to speak to their congregants to attack Orthodox Jews.

Boy, this ticks me off.

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  1. Agnoxodox says:

    there are plenty of reform jews who aren’t jews. i.e. male jew by birth marries non jewish woman who converts reform style (perhaps using a swimming pool, if a body of water at all), and if you think its bad today its going to get worse as time marches on.

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