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Nat Lewin and Avi Shafran are quite right in pointing out the clear strain of anti-Semitic propaganda in PETA’s latest video stunt. As Rabbi Shafran notes, this is not the first time PETA has attacked Jews, viz. their “Holocaust on Your Plate” campaign he references. I’d like to suggest that our community take note that this is not limited to PETA. This kind of dehumanization of Jews is an extremely strong strain among the Leftist political groups with whom PETA often makes common cause.

Over the past several years, in representing corporations under political attack from Leftist self-appointed “watchdog” groups, I’ve noticed a virulent strain of anti-Semitism which occasionally surfaces as they pursue their agendas. As Palestinians started to kill and terrorize Israeli civilians and after President Bush declared war on terror, these groups and the individuals associated with them started showing sympathies and sometimes even have aligned with the international “peace” movement, so hostile to America and Israel.

I’d like to see the “anti-anti-Semitism groups” which spend so much time worrying about the Right and criticizing even our friends there (for the heinously “anti-Semitic” act of supporting the Ten Commandments) instead spend some of their time examining the true source of this generation’s anti-Semitic threat.

They should check out groups like the Canadian organization Adbusters, which a couple of years ago published disgusting graphics in their magazine equating Jews and crematoria in a concentration camp to pigs and a GE kitchen oven. (Get it? It isn’t enough to say that humans are indistinguishable from animals – they equate Holocaust victims with pigs, the beast we loathe more than any other.) Despicable – but at least arguably connected to their purpose of undermining “corporate culture.” But, suddenly, this year, Adbusters published a list highlighting Jews (or people they thought had, um, Jewish-sounding names) with what they argue is undue influence in Washington – I guess in support of the argument that Bush went to war in Iraq to support the fabled international Jewish conspiracy.

How about Nader’s Green Party and Nader’s Commercial Alert? Both his political vehicle and his not-for-profit “watchdog” group, play moral nanny, attacking “corporate immorality” (i.e., capitalism) as though they were interested in protecting families and children from (gasp!) Toys-R-Us. But, scratch a little deeper, and it doesn’t sound like Commercial Alert’s president Gary Ruskin supports families – he sounds to me like he’s attacking them – charging parents with conspiring with corporate “predators” – perhaps because the vast majority don’t buy into his radical agenda.

So, where’s the anti-Semitism? Well, of course, Nader who seems not to be bothered by innocent Jews being terrorized, maimed and murdered, quite openly is extremely hostile to Israel’s right to defend itself. And, he famously and shamelessly invoked classic anti-Semitic, Elders of Zion images during his campaign by repeatedly calling Israel the “puppeteer” which controls Wasington and labeled Israel as the source of the War on Terror and war in Iraq. And Ruskin’s wife, Marnie Glickman, who was the Nader campaign’s chief fundraiser as well as being an operative for Commercial Alert, appears to have been linked also to radical French Leftist Jose Bove – the guy who famously made common cause with Yasser Arafat at the height of the terror war against Israeli civilians.

The list goes on and on. And, somehow, groups like these all seem to get funding from the same American Leftist foundations (like the Tides Foundation). They share strange connections – like operatives at various, seemingly unrelated groups who all have “” e-mail addresses – IGC being the Institute for Global Communications, one of the groups that have been linked to, among other things, violent anti-Israel protests and harassment of Jewish students at universities. Even more troubling, their political savvy enables them to sound mainstream and garner significant Democratic support in Washington and at the state level. Bottom line: It is high time that the radical-Leftist/Islamo-fascist alliance be fully scrutinized and analyzed. The veneers of “do-good” sounding causes (“humane treatment of animals,” “child-advocacy,” “media literacy,” “peace,” “globalization,” “corporate watchdog,” “anti-commercialism,” etc.) need to be stripped away. At the very least, a little sunshine might send the roaches scurrying. And if appropriate, who knows – perhaps those American not-for-profit groups which support hate and anti-Semitism can have their 501(c)3 tax-exempt status challenged.

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  1. Shmarya says:

    I find it amazing that you would claim antisemitism. PETA has stated repeatedly that shechita done correctly is as humane as any slaughter can be. Further, several of PETA’s leading activists are Jews, and the Holocaust On Your Plate campaign � as wrong as it was – was based on a remark made by Isaac Bashevis Singer. Have you Agudah-nicks no shame?

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