Why Did PETA Target Jews?

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6 Responses

  1. Shmarya says:

    There are so many mis-statements and lies in this Shafran piece and in Lewin’s piece, too.

    2 seconds to unconsciousness: Only true for standing shechita in an ASPC pen with carotids and jugulars severed, and then only with the best shochtim. You can’t compare that to Rubashkin’s procedure or his shochtim.

    PETA only went after kosher: NONSENSE! Look at heir website. They’ve come out against non-kosher also. Shafran and Lewin are simply lying.

    Levinger: He saw the “new” version of Rubashkin shechita, with no throat-ripping, hand-picked shochtim, and a shochet not a non-Jewish employee doing a second cut. In other words, NOT the shechita Rubashkin was doing a month ago.

    The top USDA official: The USDA has distanced himself from Dr. Lawson’s quoted remarks, because HE IS ALSO UNDER INVESTIGATION. Why? He was the head of the USDA at Rubashkin. He also can not legally speak to the media. That is why his “quote” is always written as R. Genack, Kohn or Belsky SAYING “Dr. Henry Lawso told us ” I called R. Genack on this and he said, “So what? He’s speaking as an invidual then, not part of the USDA.” The next day, R. Genack represented LAwson to the media as a senor memeber of the USDA.

    PETA and the USDA have more than 5 hours of video tape.

    Why AGUDATH ISRAEL and Lewin insist on lying is beyond me.

  2. Yaakov Menken says:

    Accusing someone who asks a question of “lying” is a non-sequitur. Lewin asks PETA, “Do you have comparable ‘undercover’ video of a non-kosher slaughtering plant or of another kosher plant?” I do not see, on their web site, any similar attack on a named slaughtering plant, certainly not complete with video. If there is one, please post the link along with a description of how easy it is to find that link from PETA’s home page.

    Rabbi Shafran quotes Dr. S.D. Rosen, MA, MD, Faculty of Medicine, Imperial College, London — there is no sign that Dr. Rosen was discussing shechita specifically at all, much less in a particular position.

    If Dr. Levinger has witnessed the “new” process and testified that the “old” process is no longer in use and the problems have been corrected, then why is PETA still showing the “old” video and attacking Rubashkin? Why, for that matter, is Shmarya? It seems likely that the answers have less to do with cruelty to animals than animosity towards meat consumption and Rubashkin (who is, as mentioned, a Lubavitcher) respectively.

  3. Hanan says:

    Im not sure if PETA not having a comparable video from a non-kosher slaughtering plant is enough to warrant calling them anti-semitic. Sure PETA has their own agenda. If it was up to them, we would be all eating grass along with the rest of the cows. Even their attack, equating slaughtering chickens with the holocaust is just another example of them searching for the spot light. They have to do this, or noone will pay attention to them… and yet I would still not call that anti-semitic. The fact of the matter is that sometimes the biggest jerk in the world can make a credible point. If Rubashkin made mistakes in their shchita, deliberatly or not, let it be fixed… and if not, great. But how about we continue on to another topic, and stop giving PETA anymore airtime than they deserve.

  4. Shmarya says:

    I have Dr. Rosen’s article. I represented it correctly. Shafran lied.

    As for Rubashkin:

    1. He has admitted no wrong.
    2. Any changes made have not been set in stone. They themselves may change as soon as public pressure abates.
    3. The OU’s mandated changes have never been clearly stated. Will the second cut (which was still taking place when Iowa’s Ag Sec visited Postville) be done by a shochet with a chalaf? Or will it revert back to an undertrained, non-Jewish worker with a knife or even a hook?
    4. Lewin and Shafran both wrote things that are not true. It would seem difficult to believe that those ‘mistakes’ were unintentional.
    5. Again, there are reams of evidence showing that Rubashkin mistreated animals. Why did he do so? Was it cruelty? Was it due to financial motives? Was it laziness? Sloppiness? Was it all one big, years-long mistake?

    I don’t yet know the answer to that question. Neither do you. Neither does Shafran. Neither does Lewin.

    Shechita is not under attack, but rabbis who permitted tzaar baalei hayyim are. Perhaps that is why you find it so difficult to truthfully report on the situation.

  5. Charissa says:

    The greatness of a nation and its people will be measured by the way in which it treats its animals. Jewish, Christian, atheist, Muslim, or whatever the color your belief may be, Agriprocessors treatment is repulsive. Comparing it to this processing plant or that processing plant or this situation or that situation will NOT lessen the horror of what is shown in the PETA video. The Jewish community along with the world community should rise up in these situations, else the United States, and you and I, be measured as cowards.

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