Author: Marvin Schick


Matzitza B’Peh

On March 4, 2005 Agudath Israel sent a letter to Dr. Tom Frieden, New York City’s Health Commissioner, estimating that in the yeshiva world half of the brisim have been conducted with matzitza b’peh,...

Jewish Week Column

I am acceding to the request that I post this week’s column which deals with the claim by Jack Ukeles that 75% of Orthodox households are Modern Orthodox. If there are comments, they should...


The Decline of Lay Leadership

Lay leadership or askanos is a term that can be translated as the nearly all-consuming commitment to communal activity. An askan is someone whose primary life mission is service to the klal. In my...


Voodoo Statistics

Edah, the ultra-Modern Orthodox fringe group whose coterie consists substantially of people who are conservadox or otherwise not Orthodox, is outstanding in both its capacity to attract publicity and its capacity to raise funds....


Two Visits

Two visits by pairs of wonderful young rabbis highlight an issue in Torah education that I believe requires attention. Both meetings were set up by senior rabbis whom I respect greatly and both were...


Richuk Karovim II

My posting on the Slifkin matter has generated thoughtful comments that raise significant questions. I would like to elaborate on what I wrote previously and also indicate that a somewhat extended discussion of my...


Richuk Karovim

I have not read any of Rabbi Nosson Slifkin’s books but if I had, I doubt that I would be competent to judge the validity of his science or, for that matter, his hashkafah....


Supporting Basic Torah Education

Could it be that after too many years of sending out the message that basic Torah education at the elementary and high school levels is not a community responsibility or tzedakah priority, Torah leaders...

On the Conservative Movement

While I appreciate the many comments I received to my posting on the Conservative movement, there isn’t sufficient time or perhaps even purpose for me to respond further.

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