A Response to Criticism of Voodoo Statistics

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5 Responses

  1. Menachem Petrushka says:

    Both Samuel Heilman and Marvin Schick have recognized that there is large group of individuals that do not fit easily into the Charedi and Modern Orthodox molds. Samuel Heilman identifies this group as “Weekend Charedim”, Marvin Schick calls it Centrist Orthodoxy. I fit into this central(shney seefim?) category. I will be attending the siyum tonight dressed in my weekend charedi best topped off by my hat which I brought to work in a hat box. I hope to see both Drs. Heilman and Schick there.

  2. Michael says:

    It’s obviously just whacko to use college as the defining parameter. By that standard most alumni of Ner Yisrael are “Modern”. Does your day school survey take into account the different family sizes of “Modern” and “Charedi” families? I’d like to see more data from your survey as it relates to the number of households — and future trends.

  3. Michael Feldstein says:

    Dr. Schick has still not specifically addressed my criticism of his original post, where he claimed that Edah’s speakers are not Orthodox:

    “Edah , the ultra-Modern Orthodox fringe group whose coterie consists substantially of people who are conservadox or otherwise not Orthodox.”

    He repeats this assertion in his latest post:

    “As the programs at its conferences show, Edah is far more comfortable with speakers from the non-Orthodox world than it is inviting persons from other Orthodox sectors.”

    I point Dr. Schick to the roster of speakers at the latest Edah conference (http://www.edah.org/bios.cfm). I respectfully ask him to point to more than a handful of speakers who are not Orthodox.

    I think that it’s not that the Edah speakers are not Orthodox, as Dr. Schick would lead us to believe, but that it’s that these speakers espouse a different kind of Orthodoxy that Dr. Schick does not particularly care for. And that’s fine–but please don’t claim that they are not Orthodox, Dr. Schick.

    One other point … Dr. Schick makes the following claim:

    “Not once has Edah invited persons who are responsible for day school education or those who have researched and written on the subject.”

    Point of fact: Rabbi Jack Bieler has participated in almost every Edah conference. So has Rabbi Zvi Grumet and Rabbi Yosef Adler. Perhaps he was not aware that these people have attended, or doesn’t consider them to be responsible for day school education. However, I’d argue that day school education has been represented by very serious and responsible day school educators in some way, at every one of the four Edah conferences. In addition, Edah sponsored a separate conference specifically about Modern Orthodox day schools in May 2000.

    Perhaps Dr. Schick can clarify his latest remarks.

  4. Edvallace says:

    Mr. Schick,
    Thank you for taking the time to set the record straight and for your efforts on behalf of Yiddishkeit. I don’t believe you needed to explin yourself because generally the posters who bashed you all spoke of something other than what you wrote. Such of course is the nature of the internet. Anyone can post anything. Yeyasher Kochachah!

  5. Jay Nudel says:

    To Michael Feldstein:

    Actually, by my count there were at least four current day school principals/administrators who presented sessions at this last conference, plus several more day school teachers. In the past Edah has not only had sessions about the costs of day school education and the issue of teacher’s salaries, but they have also run an entire conference just for day school educators.

    By the way, Dr. Shalom Berger also presented for Edah recently in Israel.

    I don’t know how all this squares with Dr. Schick’s statement that ““Not once has Edah invited persons who are responsible for day school education or those who have researched and written on the subject.” That is certainly a very strange thing for him to have said, since I am sure all the above names are well known to him, as are those of many other day school educators that have spoken for Edah on subjects related to chinuch.

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