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Connect the Media Dots, Anyone?

Are you tiring of pinochle with the boys every Wednesday? Is bird watching just not giving you the oomph you seek in a pastime? Perhaps the following diversion will provide just the the sort...


That Old-Time Religion?

While the Catholic Church may have undertaken to change its attitude towards the Jewish People more than a generation ago, I think it is taking somewhat longer for Jews to change their attitude towards...


Turn Right for the Siyum

Two expressions of a single idea: 1. Post-siyum a picture taken outside the Meadowlands (in New Jersey) showing ‘Racetrack’ and ‘Siyum HaShas’ directional traffic signs side-by-side was widely circulated and re-printed. The caption attached...


Paradox Lost — and Found

I write this postscript on the Terri Schiavo case despite the fact that with her demise, the media frenzy has subsided, the news cycle has turned and the nation’s attention has turned with it...


Our Relationship With Gentiles

Except for one point, I will not respond to comments on my previous posting “Have We Become Right-Wingers?” The exception is the attitude of Orthodox Jews to persons who are not Jewish. This is...


Pope John Paul and us

It has only been a few hours since I published an appreciation of the Pope in Jewish World Review, and the feedback has already begun, even though it was posted in the middle of...


Rain on the Gay Parade

An op-ed essay that I wrote arguing against a planned parade and 10-day happening for gays in Jerusalem this summer was printed this week in the Jerusalem Post opinion section. Side-by-side with my piece...


Terri Schiavo and the Banality of Evil

In response to Toby Katz’s entry about Terri Schiavo’s death, “Michael” made the following comment: If you starve an animal to death, you will be put in jail. Why is Terri worse than an...


The Unconscious and the Unaware

If only I’d heeded wise King Shlomo’s advice to eschew gifts. But, alas, as I stepped off the Penn Station elevator and out onto Seventh Avenue one day last week, I was offered a...

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