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Richuk Karovim

I have not read any of Rabbi Nosson Slifkin’s books but if I had, I doubt that I would be competent to judge the validity of his science or, for that matter, his hashkafah....


The Road Ahead

JB: Daniel Pipes ventures into unknown terrain in today’s New York Sun. Gets most of it right, some of it wrong – but generally is correct that the Jewish political demographic is changing rapidly....


My 300-Page Book on the Slifkin Affair

Chapter One: Why I haven’t written it yet Every day someone forwards me another little dig from the blogosphere about the conspicuous silence of Cross-Currents regarding the Slifkin business. The writers assume that we...


On Ethics and Blogging

Although I am neither a lawyer nor a journalist, I’ve worked pretty extensively in and around the worlds of lawyering and journalism. A common element to both fields is the existence of specialized rules...



A number of readers took me to task for yesterday’s post in which I quoted the Jerusalem police spokesman’s description of the ethnic background of the youths involved in an altercation with an Armenian...


With the Author’s Permission:

THE DISPUTATION: Abdicating Our Priestly Duties By David Klinghoffer January 21, 2005 It’s tempting to let last week’s Prince Harry Nazi-uniform episode pass from memory as a moment of meaningless comedy. Tempting but wrong,...


Remembering Mikey

Someone pointed out to me that Mikey Butler’s first yahrtzeit was about this time — 3 Shevat was Jan. 13 this year (he passed away on Jan. 26, 2004). He was, according to his...

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