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Jewish ingratitude

#1 I don’t know if Paul Krugman reads Cross-Currents or what, but that far-left NY Times writer had a column today seemingly in reply to my post of a few weeks ago.


Bush Won Florida in 2000

On August 5, I wrote, Myth has it that if the recount had been allowed to continue, Gore would have won. The NY Times and the Miami Herald (both of which endorsed Gore)...


Western Wall and Disengagement

6 b Menahem-Av, Thursday Below two topics: a very short one, and a very long one. a) LAKEWOOD: Haaretz Magazine Friday 29 b Tamuz (Aug.5) had a 4 –page feature on the Lakewood yeshiva...


Comparing our troubles to theirs

Reader Eliezer Barzilai wrote: Many Americans were horrified by our Supreme Court’s transparently politically motivated decision in the presidential election. It was the Florida Supreme Court, attempting to throw the election to Al Gore,...


Reading the Times with my coffee

Well, time for something a little lighter than my usual fare. Let’s read the New York Times this morning for our amusement and enlightenment. From an article about a new dinosaur exhibit: The final...

Would Vilna have voted Kerry?

There’s a Reform Temple in Pennsylvania that, for several decades, blew a French Horn on Rosh HaShanah. Then younger members started agitating for the use of a real Shofar, instead. The old-timers responded with...

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