Southern Baptists stay in Public Schools — For Now

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  1. HILLEL says:

    The history of the public school movement in this country tells us that the original state-supported schools were Protestant-Christian. Then, in the mid-1800’s, the Irish Catholics arrived and boycotted the Protestant schools, founding their extensive Catholic parochial school system.

    In the late 1800’s, wealthy atheist and agnostic merchants in Massachusets funded a tour of the German State school system for Horace Mann, State Commisioner of Education.

    He came back and, with the support of the wealthy Boston merchants, who also controlled Harvard university, instituted a secular State education system that was fiercely-hostile to Christianity. This system was later copied by all the other states.

    John Dewey, a famous socialist professor at Columbia Univeristy, enshrined the socialist-atheist philosophy into the foundations of public school education, and it is this clash of Dewey’s philosophy with religious philosophy and worldview that underlies the public controversy over teaching “intelligent design” in the public schools.

    Dewey’s atheist philosophy also opened the door to all the sexual licentiousness and perversion that is so rampant in the public schools and colleges today, both in the classroom and outside of it.

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