Act of War

As if the barrage of Kassam rockets were not enough, Hamas operatives — in conjunction with other factions — conspired to dig a tunnel in order to attack soldiers at the PA-Israel border at the Kissufim crossing. Two soldiers were killed, one has been kidnapped, in an attack conducted today with the full participation of Hamas. See the IRIS report for full details.

And now Hamas, terrorists-in-chief at the PA, would like to exchange him for Palestinian murderers held in Israeli jails.

As I wrote back in January, with Hamas in charge, any Hamas terrorism should rightly be deemed an act of war. Like it or not, Rabin’s “peace” plan was a failure, and the Gaza withdrawal was a failure. The only thing Hamas should get in exchange is the right to fly the white flag of surrender.

Israel is at war. The only question is whether the government will recognize the obvious.

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7 Responses

  1. Ori Pomerantz says:

    Kassam attacks are by themselves acts of war. So are the artillery attacks by Israel, and the Israeli raid on the Gaza strip a few days ago. The addition of a raid by the Hamas is meaningless.

    It’s not a matter of not knowing it’s a war. It’s a matter of trying to win it without reconquering the Gaza strip.

  2. Martin says:

    Israel is at war. The only question is whether the government will recognize the obvious. A very cogent question. In order to get the answer we must ask the people who control the government; namely Mrs. Ehud Olmert and her children.

  3. Aaron says:

    There are only two words that end war: unconditonal surrender. Israel has never been allowed to complete its war of independence and that needs to be repeated incessantly — orders of magnitude more often than every use of the Holocaust as a guilt-tool to win friends and influence people.

    Yesha is no less legitimately Israel’s than the Texas annexation and Louisiana Purchase are legitimately the US’s. Sadly, we don’t have a single Israeli politician who will openly say they’ll give up Yehuda and Shomron right after the US gives Texas to the Aztlanistas.

    We need to openly taunt Americans into feeling enough shame for paying billions in jizya to Egypt, Jordan and Saudi Arabia that they’ll stop watching Nascar and Desperate Housewives and call Dubya and will march with pitchforks to burn down our Saudi-pensioned State Department.

    Olmert and Peres and all who had hope for Oslo… don’t get me started.

  4. Amanda Rush says:

    I’m beginning to think that getting the Israeli government to recognize that Israel is at war with her Arab neighbors is hoping in vain.
    The government over there, and over here as well, seems to be running on the following principles: Put those who can get the least accomplished in places where they’ll do the most damage.
    No logic, no problem.
    Until we manage to get our leaders out of that mindset, we can hang it up.

  5. Bob Miller says:

    Let’s reexamine the assumption that Israel is an independent country. The leaders’ behavior is hard to explain if we assume this.

  6. HILLEL says:

    Here is a guest commentary by Rabbi Lazer Brody:

    June 26, 2006

    Dangerous escalation, and Hamas success: The Hamas score a painful victory

    In a painfully well-planned and well-executed mission that caught Israeli troops by surprise, Eight Hamas commandos pulled off a precision infiltration into Israel proper, killing two IDF soldiers, wounding three, and capturing one. Let’s all pray for Gilad ben Aviva, the captured soldier.

    The IDF and the Israeli Defence Ministry will now do a customary witch-hunt to pin the blame on some young officer or behead a middle echelon commander. Israeli brass love scapegoats. Olmert and Peretz, who have repeatedly been cruel to the kind and kind to the cruel, are now threatening to invade Gaza; they should have done that when rockets were falling on Sderot the last two weeks, to protect Israeli citizens. The impending operation, ostentiously to secure the release of captive corporal Gilad Shalit, is none other than a reaction to their wounded ego. The current government has already established its apathy to its endangered citizens.

    You ask yourself, why the miserable setback? The answer is simple – the camp must be holy for Hashem to maintain His divine presence. Wherever there’s a breach in the sanctity of the camp, the divine presence leaves.

    No arms in the world can protect a spiritually-contaminated camp. Hashem’s message is loud and clear, a warning for the upcoming threat of contaminating Jerusalem, which Olmert and the Israeli courts have sanctioned: If you allow My holy camp of Jerusalem to be violated, then measure for measure, your borders shall be violated. A retaliation in Gaza is aspirin for a cancer. If Olmert wants to beat the Hamas, he had better cancel all plans for the Impurade 2006 – fast.

    More cruelty to the kind and kindness to the cruel. Rather than worrying about how to preserve the security and sanctity of the Jewish homeland, Olmert has been concerning himself in how to take it apart, G-d forbid. This past week, he hinted the our dearest settlements – Bet El, Ofra, Shilo, and Kedumim – are on the chopping block, heaven forbid. Instead of having Israel be a land of pioneer settlers that combine lives of Torah with the world’s most super-advanced agriculture, the current government wants to transform the country into the wayward capital of the world, heaven forbid.

  7. Bob Miller says:

    Also, recent public Israeli government threats to do this or that have normally led to…nothing! As if these threats were really open invitations to the Western nations, “Stop us before we do something!” The nations are only too glad to oblige.

    If it has to be done, why not just do it?

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