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Give Gays a Chance

(A slightly edited version of this article appears, under a different title, in the February 24 issue of the Forward) The recent mini-drama of Rabbi Aryeh Ralbag’s suspension as chief rabbi of his native...

Open Season on Charedim — and Torah

One hopes that readers here are not part of the population that peruses tabloids like the New York Post. If they were, though, they would have seen a recent opinion piece that called Jews...


Titanic II and Yeridos Hadoros

Yeridos Hadoros translates as “the Decline of Generations” Rabbi Benjamin Blech had an interesting piece last week at on the Costa Concordia disaster. A few years ago, Rabbi Blech served as the scholar-in-residence...

Praying for Contemporary Captives

It was over a decade ago, in the wake of a spate of terrible terrorist attacks on Jews in Eretz Yisrael, that the Moetzes Gedolei HaTorah called upon Jews to recite chapters of Tehillim...


Shark Feeding Frenzy

When my husband was a flight surgeon on the US Air Force base in Guam, he witnessed a feeding frenzy by sharks. Daily, a huge garbage truck would gingerly back up to the edge...


My Brothers Do I Seek

I came to full Jewish observance relatively late in life. I was nearly thirty and married when I first walked through the doors of Ohr Somayach. I don’t fully remember the entire process of...


Towards a Fuller Picture

This video, which is titled “How the Charedim Really Look” was sent to me by Rabbi Moshe Taragin, a Ra”m in Yeshivat Har Etzion in the Gush. It needs to be translated.


Whose Problem Is It, Anyway?

by Dovid Kornreich There is a recurrent theme that I’ve read on Jblogs and newspapers, and it has two parts: 1) Chareidi society somehow engenders extremism and these incidents in Beit Shemesh are its...

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