Identity Theft

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5 Responses

  1. Julie K says:

    I guess Naomi Ragen doesn’t have much first-hand knowledge of charedi life, if she resorts to copying other writers’ material.

  2. Shimon says:

    I am not a supporter – or critic – of Naomi Ragen. I have not read any of her books and do not pretend to have any startling insights re the plagiarism case.
    However, in the interests of fairness and accuracy, I believe it’s worth sharing a couple of lines from a JTA report on the court’s decision:
    “Ragen deplored the ruling and was quoted in the Israeli media as saying that while she may have been inspired by Shapiro’s book, it was not tantamount to plagiarism. She has said she will appeal to Israel’s Supreme Court.
    “In January, Ragen was found not guilty by Israel’s Supreme Court of plagiarizing in her book ‘The Ghost of Hannah Mendes’ from self-published author Michal Tal.”

  3. Lawrence M. Reisman says:

    “I guess Naomi Ragen doesn’t have much first-hand knowledge of charedi life.” That’s an understatement. Her misperceptions, misconceptions and downright ignorance rival her pointed antipathy.

  4. Steve Brizel says:

    Look at it this way-Ms. Ragen has joined the long chorus of people whose ideas were either rejected , or worse, proven to have lifted her writings from others without attribution, and then claimed to be either a victim , or a persecuted would be martyr.

  5. L. Oberstein says:

    I just heard that Sarah Shapiro not only won her case in court but that she just got engaged to marry Rabbi Kalman Rosenbaum, now of Jerusalem, formerly of Atlanta. MAZAL TOV

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