Memories of the Family Dinner

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3 Responses

  1. Woman Educator says:

    there is plenty of research to back this up Please see some interesting research on the correlation between teen drug use and family dinners on the site of

    The important points are: “The most recent study compared two specific groups: teenagers who have two or less family dinners per week and those who have five or more per week. Those who ate two or less family dinners were: Three times more likely to try marijuana.Two-and-a-half times more likely to smoke cigarettes.One-and-a-half times more likely to drink alcohol.”

  2. Mr. Cohen says:

    Sefer Chasidim, chapter 102:

    It is forbidden to kill a louse on which people are eating, and the person who violates this is
    as if he killed on the altar [in the Beth HaMikdash] because the table [where Jews eat]
    is an altar, as it is written in Yechezkel, chapter 41, end of verse 22:
    …this is the table that is before G_d.

    When the time to recite Birkat HaMazone arrives, we remove the knives from the table
    because the table of an Israelite is like the altar, upon which it was forbidden to lift a knife,
    as mentioned in Shemot, chapter 20, verse 22.

  3. cvmay says:

    There are many reasons that the enjoyable family dinner has evaporated: (& Sunday as an outing, visiting ‘relatives’ day)
    1. Employment hours are not the 8-6 pm of the 50s,60s and 70s.
    2. Moms are out of the house a majority of the day.
    3. YESHIVOS have taken over as the home base.
    Many children do not return home till around 6pm (girls)& the boys are required to attend late night classes and mishmarim.

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