How to Teach Propaganda

Professor Amy Kaplan at the University of Pennsylvania explains to faculty how to inculcate hatred for Israel into the college curriculum — even if the course in question has nothing to do with politics or history. As she makes clear, it is very easy for a professor to not merely “expose young students to new ideas” but to influence as well. This is why students — and their parents — must choose carefully whom they wish to influence their thinking.

Audio courtesy of StandWithUs; video posted by ElderofZion.

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5 Responses

  1. cvmay says:

    The destructive spirit against Israel is so prevalent on College Campuses and in the Academic world. We can not continue to let it infiltrate into every sector of the campus, the time is now to send ambassadors trained in POSITIVE PROPAGANDA to balance the scales.

  2. Dovid Shlomo says:

    Aside from her political views, it’s interesting, you know, to hear speak an English professor at an Ivy League school who, you know, can’t seem to say a complete sentence without, you know, saying “you know.”

  3. Bob Miller says:

    We have little chance to change the long-standing leftist direction of existing institutions. Those American Jews who both support Israel and value high-level general studies and professional training for their children will have to devote more time to finding and creating educational alternatives to our politicized universities.

  4. Charles Hall says:

    This is academic abuse. It is not what academic freedom is supposed to be about.

    That said, the anti-intellectual bias in much of the Orthodox community constitutes unconditional surrender to people like this. Why aren’t more Orthodox Jews seeking PhD degrees and careers in academia? Never at any professional conference I have attended have there been enough observant Jews to make a minyan. And I am the only faculty member in my primary department who wears a yarmulka — at a Jewish university! University careers make it easy to take off for Shabat and Yom Tov, not to mention afternoon minyanim. There are now strong Jewish student communities on the campuses of top universities, and the number of great rabbis who have earned doctorates is now quite large.

  5. Dovid K says:

    To Dovid Shlomo – it’s, like, unbelievable.

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