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Shop ’till You Drop

How would you explain the Shabbat laws in Israel to a group of visiting mid-career journalists, Jewish and non-Jewish Americans? Led by University of Southern California Professor Diane Winston, nine mid-career journalists will be...


Who is a Charedi Rabbi

Elior Chen is off to jail, to serve a well deserved and long sentence for multiple counts of child abuse. For years, Chen operated his own cult, teaching his “disciples” that child abuse was...

Scandal Upon Scandal

invoking an “Agriprocessors scandal” to justify some need for an extra-governmental “ethical certification seal” is cynical opportunism, a scandal upon a scandal.


“Liberal Denominations Face Crisis”

That’s not me, it’s The Forward. Jews are finding less reason to be part of liberal synagogues, while liberal synagogues are finding less reason to be part of a denominational body. The shteibl model...

Thank You, Dr. Murray

Writer and educator Dr. Erica Brown penned a thoughtful piece for the New York Jewish Week on January 25, in which she addressed the concept of Jewish peoplehood. “The niggling tension of Judaism as...


Support Boycott? Support War

I discovered this video as a link from one sent me by a friend. It clearly deserves to be seen by more people than it has reached so far. While pro-Palestinian activists claim that...


Sad, Not Stunning

The Baltimore Jewish Times calls them “stunning:” the results of the new demographic survey commissioned by the Associated: Jewish Community Federation of Baltimore. They highlight both the tremendous growth of the observant community and...


The Forward Backs Off

… and should be commended for it. Readers may recall that several months ago, I lampooned The Forward for categorizing support for Sholom Rubashkin as having “exposed the vastly different worldviews that can exist...

Getting a Second Opinion

We are all poorer for not realizing that greater gain is to be had from meeting another point of view than from exulting in having one’s own opinions duly seconded.

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