Targeted by Friendly Fire

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6 Responses

  1. Steve Brizel says:

    As long as the Democrats refuse to condemn and will support the Squad of Four the President will use the same as a campaign tactic

    • DF says:

      It’s not really a campaign tactic, its simply discussing the issues. For far too long the Republican party has allowed the left wing to dictate “the issues” in this county. They’ve allowed themselves to be caricatured as a party about nothing more than taxes, and refrained from hitting the democrats where they are weakest and on the issues most destructive to the national fabric. The sad reality is that Trump hasn’t even gone very far at all, it just looks extreme next to presidents look Bush, who said absolutely nothing. All of this does not bode very well for 2024.

  2. Bob Miller says:

    Rabbi Menken, I exchanged emails with the rabbi in question. I believe he felt that your criticism came at an inopportune time when Trump’s actual enemies were on the attack, and that your piling on would work to Omar’s advantage. I don’t believe he intended his headline about “fawning” to apply to you, a fellow Jewish political conservative.

    So where this leaves us is that some want Trump to tone his speech down and some want his Jewish critics to tone theirs down. Both might be a good idea. More importantly, those members of Congress and the media who despise America, Jews, and Israel should forgo their frequent hate speech altogether..

    • Yaakov Menken says:

      I understand his intent may have been different, but enough people read his piece and didn’t bother to read mine that it needed to be mentioned. It should be noted that my piece was published before the Democrats pushed their resolution condemning him for ‘racism.’ So when it was written the criticism wasn’t quite as frenzied as it became thereafter. Nonetheless, it was worth writing, and according to Democrats I read his intent correctly.

      Far too many people criticize his “unthinking” tweets. He may make silly mistakes but he often is very strategic.

  3. mycroft says:

    “What is better for him may not always be the best for the nation and the Jews”

    Very important to remember, it applies to all politicians. They have their interests which may not be the same as Jewish interests. Too often, on both sides of the political spectrum one can find supporters who defend behavior of a politician which they would attack if done by another politician.

  4. Bob Miller says:

    Flash forward to Rabbi Shafran’s new piece here and its attempt to judge the undeserving AOC and Pressley favorably. I look forward to your take on this.

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