Point / Counterpoint: Is the Equality Act Good for the Jews?

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2 Responses

  1. Steve Brizel says:

    One can argue that R Broyde’s logic and conclusions as to the vitality of religious values in the market place of ideas have been rejected by the SCOTUS which has repeatedly upheld the rights of religiously based and oriented clubs to organize as an extracurricular activity on public school grounds and in so doing has rejected arguments that the Establishment Clause bars such activities.

  2. nt says:

    Many people on the left care more about replacing American society- which is essentially Judeo-Christian- with their version of an ideal society. Naturally, they would be the ones running the show. To achieve their aims, they constantly condemn America as discriminating against “marginalized”, i.e. not Judeo-Christian, groups such as LGBT and Muslims. They don’t actually care about the individual members of either group; supporting both at the same time is logically impossible. Instead, they just want to claim the moral high ground as they reconfigure society around their whims.

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