Chanukah Shiur Recording

Now available for download, this is a talk I gave to a great group of singles here in Yerushalayim. It combines parts of the Maharal (Ner Mitzvah), the Bnei Yissoschor, and reminiscences of the first time I heard these thoughts related by Rav Nachman Bulman, zt”l.

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5 Responses

  1. Raymond says:

    So I ended up listening to the entire lecture within a short time after all, really because it was so fascinating to listen to, and also reminded me of all of the Torah lectures I am missing now that Rabbi Adlerstein has made aliyah. Also, I think that my brain must have been starving for some real depth, which it finally received by listening to it. I don’t want to give the lecture away here, so all I will say is that while I was already familiar with some of the ideas expressed in it, I do not recall ever hearing it all tied together, the external with the internal, like it was in this lecture. Wow. Something for me to contemplate for many years to come. No wonder he has been my favorite Rabbi for many decades now.

  2. Allan Katz says:

    Thanks for sharing. The shiur has enriched my Chanukah experience. You mentioned the war on religion and for sure we identify with those who support Israel, God, Pro-life , a traditional approach to gender issues but unfortunately the conservative and christian right give religion a name that ignores or even promotes inequity, racism , white nationalism , ignoring the plight of the poor , universal health care . The leadership while believing in God and supporting Israel is not really an example of how a person should be behave and relate to others . I find myself identifying with the ideas of people in many areas and yet hate their politics or views on religion. And their are others who I am thankful for their views on Israel and God , but can not identify how they relate to the less privileged in society – I wish life was less complicated

    • 1) Call it what you want- galus, or הן עם לבדד ישכון, or Jews to the back of the bus – maybe our position is just not going to easily coincide fully with any other group.
      2) You might be more down on those conservative church groups than need be. A recent poll showed marked differences between them and non-church going Trump supporters. From the abstract: “Donald Trump voters who attend church regularly are more likely than nonreligious Trump voters to have warm feelings toward racial and religious minorities, be more supportive of immigration and trade, and be more concerned about poverty.”

  3. Allan Katz says:

    Thanks for sharing the study. According to our tradition God is willing to forgo his honor , if man is relates to his fellow man and the environment emulating the ways of God , or in other words derech eretz kadmah la’ torah

  4. Raymond says:

    Those who hate Donald, are so completely consumed with their hatred for him, that they cannot even respond to a fine Torah lecture without using it as still another excuse to bash Donald. As much as I have witnessed this, it is especially disappointing when such bashing happens on a forum like this, that is supposed to be about Torah thought and about Jewish life, not on why we should hate our very strongly pro-Israel President.

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