‘Tis The Season (Part 1 1/2)

I couldn’t resist. My heart just bursts with gratitude. And to think I ever said anything mean about PCUSA head Clifton Kirkpatrick.

His letter to President Bush must have been his Christmas gift to me. He writes about the recent trashing of one of his own churches in Mosul. You would think that this disturbed him. You would think that he realized that it wasn’t done by Catholics in a replay of the Counter-Reformation.

No, he hasn’t figured that out. True to his liberal colors, he has managed to learn why a bunch of Islamofascists trashed his church. Does it have anything to do with a program of invalidating any other faith besides radical Islam? Nah…

“In a part of the world where Christians lived in relative peace and security with their majority Muslim neighbors prior to the U.S. invasion, this is a great tragedy.”

Moslems trash churches as a form of war protest! Why didn’t I think of that?

This has been a great gift. I now understand that Oslo leftists in Knesset do not have a monopoly on stupidity. I also don’t resent his borderline antisemitism as much any more. He is just as unthinking regarding his own.

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