Behind the Wall, Part Two

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3 Responses

  1. Steve Brizel says:

    It is manifestly obvious that the heterodox groups having failed to attract Israelis and declining in the US are using the court system not just to establish a beachhead of a movement but to destroy the status quo on a wide range of issues that should be easily viewed as klapei pnim in nature

  2. Y. Ben-David says:

    I find it bizarre that MERETZ-member Anat Hoffman is one of the leaders of WoW. After all, the entire world, with passive US support,  just voted in the UN Security Council that all Israeli presence over the pre-67 lines is an illegal, criminal act.  Hoffman’s MERETZ party has been railing against the “occupaton” for decades now. So how is it that she is fighting for a presence at the Kotel which is nothing more than just another “illegal settlement” in her party’s, and indeed, the “whole world’s” eyes?

  3. ari says:

    Anat Hoffman travels to America a lot. So why won’t her group make a “minyan” on El Al planes? After all, isn’t it unfair that Charedim are allowed to block lavatories and stand during turbulence?

    Because the cabin pressure makes their loud singing hard to hear, and you cannot fit professional Live TV equipment in that small cubicle

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