Behind the Wall, Part One

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6 Responses

  1. Steve Brizel says:

    R Menken deserves a huge Yasher Koach for reviewing and reminding us of the ideology of RJ from its earliest days, and its dismal track record with respect to fighting assimilation.

  2. dr.bill says:

    Complex arguments about simple issues are rarely, if ever, effective.  Minor details aside, this issue has been solved multiple times; each time a particular segment has backtracked.  Time for compromise is over; time for implementation is here.  It is sad that the supreme court’s time is wasted on this issue.

    • Steve Brizel says:

      Perhaps, the high court for justice has no real basis other than serving in a JIM Crow fashion  as the last refuge of the secular Zionist Haaretz  for being involved in the first place here. The time is long overdue for some serious evaluation of how the HCJ selects its members and gets involved in issues in which it totally lacks expertise. Given the profoundly anti halachic agenda of WOW, the decision by the HCJ was all too predictable.

      • dr.bill says:

        You assert: “The time is long overdue for some serious evaluation of how the HCJ the HCJ selects its members and gets involved in issues in which it totally lacks expertise.”

        1) appointments tend to defer to other members and thereby provide greater stasis than other methods, a desired impact according to some/many.  like in many systems, change is much less rapid.  if i judge by the few israeli supreme court justices i have read/heard, the country is very well served, certainly better than the gutter politics that surrounds appointments in other institutions.

        2) like any court, that may not have the expertise of a doctor or engineer or business executive, they acquaint themselves with what is relevant to their rendering of a decision within their realm of expertise.

  3. Steve Brizel says:

    R Menken deserves kudos for reviewing and reminding us of the antinomian and radical ideology of RJ and its founders which today has morphed into supporting the radical left agenda on all fronts under the mantra of Tikun Olam . I would not be surprised if WOW advocates and supporters participated in the events in DC last Shabbos that were marked by the presence of anti Israel groups and radical feminists as well.

  4. Y. Ben-David says:

    I live near the one and only non-O congregation in my town which is a suburb of Tel Aviv. It happens to be Conservative.  They only have services on Shabbat. No daily minyan in spite of the fact that some 40+ years ago the C movement ruled that women count in a minyan. One would think with all the shouting we hear that women would be breaking down the doors of the congregation to pray with tallit and tefillin, even if the men don’t but apparently they aren’t interested. Thus, all this noise about demands for “plularilistic prayer” at the Kotel is really a side issue. There is no doubt that many of the individuals involved in these conflicts truly are concerned about the issue, but the REAL issue is the ongoing culture wars to overturn ALL traditional views about everything. Not just Judaism but even basic things like the differences between men and women which they are also trying to deny.
    Even if they were to get all they want at the Kotel, most of those making noise will immediately lose interest and a non-O section of the Kotel would be empty 99% of the time, unlike the traditional Kotel which is manned 24/7. The struggle would move on to other issues, such a mikvaot, which they aren’t really interested in using, but simply using them as a lever to attack traditional Judaism.

    I should say, however, that I oppose SHAS’s attempt to pass legislation banning non-O services at the Kotel. That would merely give them more free publicity, unnecessarily inflame American Jewish opinion and would probably be unenforceable,  as is the current ban on women bringing sifrei Torah into the Ezrat Nashim, which is also not enforced.
    Although I oppose changing the traditional form of prayer at the Kotel, I do believe we need to maintain contact with the non-O Jews in America so unnecessary antagonism should be avoided.

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