Torah Unity at the Top

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9 Responses

  1. dr. bill says:

    I applaud your optimism, but i fear that despite the respect that a poale agudah yeshivah like shalavim shows Rav Schechter, it is idiosyncratic as opposed to representative. sitting squarely on the left side of modern orthodoxy, i have gained reading in recent weeks halakhic works one by an early leader of the eidah hachareidah and a second by a satmar dayan, along a number of works by academic talmud scholars.  while all of those works exhibit an orientation in some measure the result of the author’s weltanschauung, they are all sources of important insight into torah.

    i avoid eating at restaurants with hashgacha from the eidah and have no respect for satmar ideology. Nonetheless, torah (particularly halakha not hashkafah) should provide a common ground.  lu yehi.

    btw, the rav ztl’s insights into avodas yom hakippurim have a long history.  if you look at the letters at the end of chidushai hagriz, they were written to his nephew who was of high school age.


    • Umm... says:

      “if you look at the letters at the end of chidushai hagriz, they were written to his nephew who was of high school age.”

      A few corrections – only the first two letters at the end of Chiddushei Maran RY”Z Halevi were written to the Rav. Only one of those two is related to Avodas Yom Hakippurim. From the dates on the letters, it appears he was in his early twenties at the time, not high school age.

    • Umm... says:

      Having checked the letters, I stand corrected. The Rav would have been 18.5 and 19 years old at the time of those letters. So not early 20s, but not high school age either.

      • dr. bill says:

        the response was 5681 is 1920.  the rav ztl was born in 1903 so he wrote the letter to his uncle when he was at most 17, high school age.

      • Umm... says:

        Wrong again.

        The date on the response is Elul 5681, which corresponds to September 1921. The rav was born February 1903. That would make him 18.5 years old, as I said. Not high school age.

      • dr. bill says:

        i was talking about when ” he wrote the letter to his uncle.”  i don’t have seforim with me, but the letter is published i believe.  in either case, not many teenagers write letters in kodshim to gedolai yisroel.  if i am not mistaken, many of the Rav ztl’s chidushim of that age and even younger have been published.

  2. lacosta says:

    halevai these exceptional stories could be the rule rather than the very rare outliers….  but then mashiach probably would have come already….

  3. David Ohsie says:

    These stories are very nice, but unfortunately seem to be the exceptions that prove the rule.   I may be biased, but I think that people quote Torah from their political “right” much more often than from their political “left” along more than one dimension of left and right regardless of the level of learning of the quoted (and that this reflects levels of respect based on politics over  Torah).

    I have to say that this very site is sometimes another good exception.

  4. Reuven Ungar says:

    David- I do admit that I have to make a greater effort to quote someone from “the left” than someone to “the right”. It does present a hurdle, but nevertheless, it must be overcome. I think that stories of this nature can encourage people to overcome such hurdles. Not a quick fix, a work in progress.
    Totally agree with your assessment of this site. A breath of fresh, civil air. At times we have to agree to disagree with respect.

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