The First Klal Perspectives Shabbaton

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3 Responses

  1. Shades of Gray says:

    I would be interested in a Flatbush Klal Perspectives Shabbos.

    Sometimes I think that frum speakers are able to use Shabbos, with the tape recorders off, to talk about controversial or sensitive topics that would not be discussed during the week.  However, Klal Perspectives, by definition, are not controversial 🙂

    [YA – A Flatbush KP Shabbaton – or any other city – can be arranged once a host shul, financial backers and logistics people are found. If you are interested, please contact us. At least one person from Flatbush approached us and indicated that he would be willing to contribute.]

  2. Michoel says:

    I’m curious why it was not possible to bring in even one chasid.  At least from a superficial look, you have 4 out of 5 men with short beards, ties, and in a pretty close age range.   No-one from Lakewood, Brooklyn, Monsey.

    [YA – Good question; simple answer. We brought in no one. The panelists are all editors of Klal Perspectives – the people who have waded through all the submissions, and considered all the suggestions coming from the public. Certainly one of the founding principles of KP was that we have lots of talent in the community, but it has to be stirred into activity.]

  3. lacosta says:

    why baltimore ?  why on shabbos,  so there can be no taping?

    [YA – Simple. Because a group of people organized it there, and you didn’t in LA! We are looking for a group of supporters in Maui, although I imagine no one on the Board would stay there on Shabbos because of the dateline issue]

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