The First Klal Perspectives Shabbaton


It was only a few years ago that a few guys tired of listening to each other kvetch, and put together a very modest action plan. The first step was a secret conclave of about twenty people at an undisclosed location. Two conclusions emerged. People from a broad range of sub-groups within legitimate Torah Judaism all shared the same frustrations and complaints. And, our community is blessed with much talent.

From the vigorous discussions at that meeting, you can draw a straight line to the founding of Klal Perspectives, which has succeeded in bringing together in each issue voices and opinions that otherwise would not find a place under one literary roof. None of the editors expected miracles. We were looking to jump-start wider awareness and concern, optimistic that intelligent discussion would follow. Both are precursors to real solutions. We also believed that demonstrating to the community that Torah’s Got Talent!(c) would itself serve as chizuk to the battle-scarred; presenting multiple points of view – so seldom happening in the Orthodox press – would be encouraging to those grown cynical.

The next small step is taking the process on the road, prodding people in different communities to think harder and deeper, and see what ideas can be generated when Yidden put their heads together. Our first attempt at this will be taking place next Shabbos, Parshas Tetzaveh, in Baltimore, graciously hosted by Bnai Jacob Shaarei Zion. We know that people from other locations will be joining us (i.e. all five members of the editorial board). It is not too late to make arrangements to join what should be a memorable Shabbos.

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3 Responses

  1. Shades of Gray says:

    I would be interested in a Flatbush Klal Perspectives Shabbos.

    Sometimes I think that frum speakers are able to use Shabbos, with the tape recorders off, to talk about controversial or sensitive topics that would not be discussed during the week.  However, Klal Perspectives, by definition, are not controversial 🙂

    [YA – A Flatbush KP Shabbaton – or any other city – can be arranged once a host shul, financial backers and logistics people are found. If you are interested, please contact us. At least one person from Flatbush approached us and indicated that he would be willing to contribute.]

  2. Michoel says:

    I’m curious why it was not possible to bring in even one chasid.  At least from a superficial look, you have 4 out of 5 men with short beards, ties, and in a pretty close age range.   No-one from Lakewood, Brooklyn, Monsey.

    [YA – Good question; simple answer. We brought in no one. The panelists are all editors of Klal Perspectives – the people who have waded through all the submissions, and considered all the suggestions coming from the public. Certainly one of the founding principles of KP was that we have lots of talent in the community, but it has to be stirred into activity.]

  3. lacosta says:

    why baltimore ?  why on shabbos,  so there can be no taping?

    [YA – Simple. Because a group of people organized it there, and you didn’t in LA! We are looking for a group of supporters in Maui, although I imagine no one on the Board would stay there on Shabbos because of the dateline issue]

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