A French Philosopher’s Ode to the Kipah

Good writers get it the way the rest of us can’t. It is a joy to read how a leading French intellectual, Bernard-Henri Levy, understands and presents the yarmulke in imagery that is fresh and creative. Read it here.

[Kudos to MB the Brit, for being able to say something nice about the French.]

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  1. Steve Brizel says:

    Professor Aaron Twerski described his professional difficulties in wearing Chasidishe Levush , a kipah and beard in mid 20th Century American law offices and faculties. I think that a survey of frum male professionals would lead to some interesting reasons for either wearing a kipah or not in the office, aside from wearing a hat or kipah in the street and during meal time. Yes, RMF has a teshuvah one can rely on if its apparent that a kipah will keep you from getting a job offer, but I think it would be interesting to know how many frum professionals have to work without a kipah in an office so that they can insist that such non negotiable issues such as Shemiras Shabbbos, etc are complied with by employers and colleagues.

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