Twice Duped

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5 Responses

  1. Bob Miller says:

    Was it only recently that we learned the Forward was backward? Waiting for the workers of the world to unite evidently took too long, so they’ve gone on to other things, in an equally gullible way.

  2. Garnel Ironheart says:

    I wonder: After the pictures and story of the Neturei Karta going to Iran were published, there was a huge backlash from the Chareidi world. The sect was turned into a pariah almost overnight. Who can forget the story of the Chareidi tour group at Auschwitz that beat up one of the NK-nik’s who happened to be visiting at the same time? To this day, if you even suggest to a chareidi that he has something in connection with the Neturei Karta, he bristles.

    Why no similar reaction from the secular Jewish world about this?

  3. M Norman says:

    So, they will welcome us as long as we don’t look Jewish or act Jewish.

  4. Ahron says:

    >“Why no similar reaction from the secular Jewish world about this?”

    I think the simplest answer is likely the correct one: many secular Jews share the values of those Jews who went to the above conference. And if they do not “share” the values of those Jews, they have probably not thought rigorously enough about the issue to develop countervailing values of their own. Contrarily most chareidi Jews–even if they share certain values of NK like antipathy towards Zionism and Israel–seem to have been turned off, even disgusted, by NK’s eager cavorting with Holocaust deniers. (I think Holocaust-denial was the real last straw, maybe even the only straw).

    No such disgust seems to have been precipitated among the Jewish devotees of Leftism and Al Jazeera. I’d suggest that one reason for this is that contemporary Leftism tends to be more of a self-validating religion than anti-Zionism and therefore (like all religious/faith systems) it is less amenable to rational argument or abandonment necessitated by confrontation with new data.

    In any event “court Jew” attitudes on the part of the modern Left (and medieval Catholics, and media-savvy Muslims etc. etc.) are nothing new. And court Jews, as Lenin said about a different group of credulous adulators, can be “useful ….” And naivety, for its own part, is a fundamental tenet of contemporary liberalism–the critical precursor that opens the door to all of liberalism’s manifest emotional rewards. So IMHO we observe here a strange but true marriage of interest, ideology and psychology.

  5. Ian Thal says:

    > No such disgust seems to have been precipitated
    > among the Jewish devotees of Leftism

    I question that assessment. The phenomenon as it appears to me is that as many on the gentile left have formed alliances with Arab-nationalism (which outside of appropriating phrases like “imperialism” and “colonialism” is ideologically right-wing)left-wing Jews who support Israel (after all, what Middle-Eastern nation best exemplifies traditional leftist principles?) are increasingly sidelined from the larger left.

    These Jews continue to be left-wing, still identify as Jews, and still support Israel, but no longer have a voice in an increasingly anti-Israeli left-wing that is dominated by gentiles who may be receptive to Antisemitic propaganda.

    The problem is that the left-wing opposition to Antisemitism has yet to coalesce into a movement. I suspect that the numbers are there, however.

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