Who Needs Orthodox Women Leaders? We Do.

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3 Responses

  1. tzippi says:

    Interesting to cite Sara Schneirer as she wasn’t known as anyone’s rebbetzin.

    I’ve often mentioned a comment made by Warren Kozak, author of The Rabbi of 84th Street, a biography of Rabbi Chazkel Besser, z”l. An NPR journalist, he met Rabbi Besser while doing a project on Kristallnacht and was asked to work on his biography. He said that people would ask if the women he met were oppressed, and he said that the Orthodox women he met were anything but. They were smart, funny and ran the show. This was not a chiddush to me, as I’ve seen how much women in our community can accomplish.

  2. FKM here,
    Kudos to Rabbi Ephraim Epstein for a concise, historically sound rebuke of the aspirations of Orthodox feminists.
    I recall attempting to make a similar point (albeit with less eloquence) regarding Rebbitzin Kanievsky zt”l on this site here:

    • Steve Brizel says:

      For those interested, buy andread the ArtScroll bio of Rebbetzin Kanievzky ZL-you will be awed and amazed, as I was.

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