There are no basketball courts in Heaven

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8 Responses

  1. Steve Brizel says:

    The aforementioned book seems fascinating with its various perspectives on many issues facing the Torah community, regardless of the hashkafic labels. Sometimes, regardless of the label, it is helpful, as a dear friend and chavrusa of mine pointed out during our annual chazarah of the Haggadah, that we were all at one time Mitchilah Ovdei Avodah Zarah.

  2. Ary says:

    hey! great blog. Just letting you know that I was privileged to be in Rabbi Landesman’s class, and I now remember that conversation with one of my fellow classmates. Rabbi Landesman rocks!

  3. YEA says:

    Why does it always seem as though the perspective on Zionism of the Gedolim of the previous generation was much more positive than the perspective of todays Gedolim?

  4. Reggie Doiel says:

    This particular write-up has made me understand that most people need to take alot more proper care of themselves and each other.

  5. tzippi says:

    As to why gedolim now are not as positive (YEA): maybe it’s because the gedolim then lived through it, and had hope for the potential for growth due to the miracles and opportunities offered by access to the holy sites; and the gedolim now have seen how the dream’s imploded.

  6. cvmay says:

    Tzippi, that is one perspective re: Gedolim of past and present.
    I would like to present a second approach, the Gedolim of past saw the destruction & desolation and state of mourning that klal yisroel was enveloped by in the mid 1940s, the promise of a Jewish State was a nechama rabba (great comfort) and a resurrection of a broken nation. The dreams of Rabbanim in pre World War II Europe encompassed yearning to return to our Biblical and spiritual homeland – (mainly to escape the pogrom, antisemitism and discrimination against Jews). With the strengthening of Chassidish camps, the positive favor towards Zionism diminished (unfortunately)

  7. BD says:

    Tzippi – So who is/were wrong, the current or previous gedolim?

  8. cvmay says:

    Attention BD: Why would it matter?
    Either both were correct/neither are correct or “Aleu Valeu dverei elokim hem”

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