Who, Really, Are the Orthodox?

It’s rare that I simply refer to another article, but “I am Orthodox, and Orthodox is me” speaks for itself. I think the piece is stronger because the writer is both relatively unknown, and a woman. She truly speaks for us all when she says “those stereotypes about ‘the Orthodox’ are talking about me.”

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3 Responses

  1. lacosta says:

    but don’t we all have to fall into the same trap? after all , all in O must acknowledge other forms of judaism as not hlachically valid, and therefore , not valid—regardless of how nice the individual , even clergyperson is? and don’t we as members of certain segments of O, automatically point out how unvalid other expressions of O are—either so open their brain fell out, or so closed-minded and atavistic as to be an invalid fossil , regardless of how nice the individuals are.

    the RBSO spent six days creating which involved a lot of ‘vayavdel’ — and maybe the core of current O is havdala- trying to distinguish between True and false, bein kodesh lechol —and to let the false know it in no uncertain terms?

  2. c-l,c says:

    ‘ During the early period of the yeshiva, as he was struggling mightily, Rav Elya Meir made a local appeal for funds. Very few people participated and the response was dismal. Someone advised him to soften his message and speak more kindly about those whom he perceived to be enemies of traditional Torah values (ed:either mizrachi or the Conservatives). If he would do so, the man told him, he would gain more support from the local community and might even be able to convince some families to send their boys to learn in Telz.

    Rav Elya Meir wouldn’t hear of it. “Nowhere does it say that the Ribbono Shel Olam needs me to be a rosh yeshiva, and whether or not I have financial support or talmidim is His decision,” he said. “However, I do know that Hashem needs me to be an ehrliche Yid, even one without talmidim. That part is not up for negotiation or compromise.” ‘

  3. c-l,c says:

    R. ari koretzky,
    U. of M. campus kiruv

    ‘I find it ironic when I encounter more whispered suspicion about my kiruv efforts from orthodox students than from secular brethren …

    Many from the modern orthodox community feel morally unjustifed imparting their beliefs to others.

    Yet accusations that those in kiruv “brainwash”and “push their agenda ‘on students so dramatically misrepresents the facts on the ground; every experienced mekarev that I know – and I many- respectsthe deep humanity of his students ,encourages balanced, measured and emotionally healthy growth, and promotes honest dialogue about topic that emerges …

    Sadly,…many in the Modern Orthodox community, who in the finest Hirschian tradition could most credibly wage intellectual battle on
    behalf of Torah ideology, refrain from doing so. Instead they critique kiruv in a manner that belies either their own insecurities of belief, or their .. concern that imparting these beliefs to others compromise their intellectual integrity or inappropriately influence others ‘

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