The Presidential Visit

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3 Responses

  1. Raymond says:

    When Benjamin Netanyahu came here to the United States several months ago, Barack Obama completely ignored him. I wish that such a lack of response had been given right back to Obama during his current visit in Israel. His exaggerated sense of himself needs to be lowered a few notches. Furthermore, I do think it was inappropriate of Obama to so disrupt Israeli life, exactly during the most challenging time of the year for traditional Jews, when people are busy preparing for Pesach.

    It is hard to tell exactly why Obama is visiting Israel at all. I heard that he will not be addressing the Knesset, but talking to college students instead. One can never be cynical enough when it comes to politics, and it just seems to me that what he is trying to do, is to undermine Israeli support for a strong Israel, by appealing to the young college voter, the demographic that is most susceptible to such messages by smooth talking dishonest snake oil salesmen like Barack Obama.

    I am just not exactly a huge fan of Barack Obama, as he is clearly the President in American history that is the most hostile to Israel, other than, of course, the notorious antisemite, Jimmy Carter. The one is the continuation of the other.

  2. Bob Miller says:

    Meet the new Pharaoh.

  3. Reb Yid says:

    It is hard to imagine anyone in Israel calling President Obama “the new Pharoah” after his recently concluded visit. Although apparently he does do an awesome Pharoah imitation at the Seders which he has introduced to the White House.

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